Has your world started to look cloudy? Do you often feel like you are looking through a dirty or out-of-focus window?

You may have cataracts if the answer to either of these questions is yes. Cataracts are a prevalent eye condition that most often develops as you age.

They occur when protein and fiber particles within the eye start to detach and form clumps on the eye’s normally clear lens. In addition to cloudy vision, some of the most common symptoms of cataracts include difficulty seeing in low light or at night, sensitivity to glare, visual halos, changes in color perception, double vision, and milky white or yellow pupils.

Cataracts build up slowly over time, often taking years to impact your vision. If left untreated, cataracts can severely affect your vision, eventually leading to total blindness.

The only treatment for cataracts is undergoing cataract surgery. During cataract surgery at Memorial Eye Institute, your cataract surgeon will remove the clouded natural lens of your eye.

The natural lens is replaced with a clear artificial lens called an intraocular lens or IOL. The newly implanted IOL restores clear, sharp vision and ensures that cataracts cannot reform.

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts and are considering whether cataract surgery is right for you, keep reading to learn about 10 ways cataract surgery can change your vision and your life!

1. Improved Vision

A standard IOL (monofocal lens) removes cataracts during cataract surgery. A monofocal IOL can only improve vision at a single distance.

Memorial Eye Institute offers patients premium IOLs that improve vision at various distances if you want better vision while looking up close, at a distance, and intermediate ranges. Because they are premium lenses, they require an out-of-pocket expense.

However, most patients find that premium IOLs are worth the extra expense, as they provide better vision and, in many cases, can reduce dependence on visual aids after cataract surgery.

2. Reduced Glare and Halos

Two of the most common symptoms of cataracts are increased sensitivity to glare and the appearance of halos around bright lights, which can be especially problematic when driving at night. Undergoing cataract surgery can reduce or even eliminate these unsettling visual disturbances.

After having cataract surgery, you’ll no longer have to worry about being blinded by glare and halos, making it easier to be independent while driving at night or running errands.

3. Better Color Perception

Untreated cataracts can dull your ability to perceive colors accurately, making the world appear drab and faded. Restoring your clear vision with cataract surgery allows you to see vibrant, true-to-life colors again.

With your cataracts removed, you’ll no longer struggle to determine if something is white or yellow. You’ll also have better contrast, making participating in hobbies like painting again easier.

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4. Enhanced Contrast Sensitivity

Choosing a premium IOL when you have cataract surgery at Memorial Eye Institute can improve your ability to distinguish contrast between different shades of light and dark. This crisper vision can make it easier to see details in low-contrast environments, like dark roadways at night.

5. Less Dependence on Glasses

Cataract surgery can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses depending on the type of IOL you choose. Depending on your visual needs, there are premium IOLs; if you have astigmatism, these come in toric versions.

If you have astigmatism, you can still look forward to correcting refractive errors during cataract surgery by choosing a toric lens. This ensures you’ll reduce your dependence on glasses while restoring your ability to see up close and at a distance.

6. Increased Independence

When the effects of cataracts no longer impair your vision, you can look forward to more independence. Thanks to cataract surgery, restoring your vision means you can perform daily tasks, such as reading, cooking, and driving, without relying on others for help.

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7. Improved Quality of Life

After cataract surgery, you may notice a significant improvement in your overall quality of life. Your newly clear eyesight can allow you to enjoy hobbies and activities you may have had to give up due to poor vision caused by cataracts.

8. Long-Term Vision Maintenance

Because the IOL used in cataract surgery is a permanent solution, once you’ve had your natural lens removed during the procedure, cataracts will not return. You can count on enjoying a lifetime of cataract-free vision following cataract surgery.

9. Reduced Risk of Falls

The impact cataracts have on your clear vision can lead to impaired depth perception and balance issues, putting you at an increased risk for potentially hazardous trips and falls. Cataract surgery improves your vision, allowing you to navigate your world more safely.

10. Better Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Not being able to see clearly can affect your overall mental and emotional well-being. Restoring your vision with cataract surgery can boost your self-esteem and stabilize your moods, leaving you feeling more confident and satisfied in your daily life.

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed eye surgery in the United States. Cataract surgeons perform more than 3 million surgeries annually, with approximately 90% of cataract patients reporting fully restored vision following the procedure.

Technology advancements have made cataract surgery safer and more effective than ever before. If laser cataract surgery is performed, the lasers used to remove and replace the eye’s natural lens allow cataract surgeons to make more precise incisions, resulting in quicker recovery.

Experiencing the symptoms of cataracts does not have to lead to permanently impaired eyesight. With all of the benefits offered by cataract surgery, there’s no reason for you to wait to improve both your vision and your life!

If the symptoms of cataracts have begun to affect your vision and your life, contact Memorial Eye Institute today in Camp Hill and Harrisburg, PA, to schedule a cataract consultation. Isn’t it time for better vision?

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