Are you ready for crisper, sharper vision? LASIK can be a great choice if you want clear vision without cumbersome visual aids! LASIK is a safe, effective procedure that helps most patients achieve 20/20 vision or better! What’s not to love about that?

If LASIK sounds like the right vision-correcting procedure for you, keep reading to learn about 10 of the best ways to prepare before having LASIK!

1.    Find an Experienced LASIK Provider You Can Trust

The quality of your vision is vitally important, so you should first do some research and find an experienced and trustworthy LASIK provider to perform the laser vision correction procedure. Although LASIK is incredibly safe, you need to know that you will be in good hands on the day of your procedure.

Rest assured that the LASIK surgeons at Memorial Eye Institute are recognized leaders in performing LASIK and other procedures in Harrisburg, PA. We have many years of experience and have performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures, leaving patients with the visual freedom they desire.

2.    Make the Most of Your Initial Consultation

Your first meeting with your LASIK provider is of the utmost importance to the successful outcome of your LASIK procedure. At this consultation, your provider should determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK by examining your eyes and confirming your current prescription.

Bring any questions about LASIK to your initial consultation so that you feel fully informed about the procedure. Asking these questions will help you leave your initial consultation with realistic expectations about the outcome of your LASIK procedure.

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3.    Prioritize Your Health

Once you have scheduled your LASIK procedure, prioritizing your health is the best way to fully prepare for the big day. After all your careful planning, it would be a shame to have to postpone improving your vision because of a common cold.

You can prioritize your health ahead of LASIK by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. These basic steps help ensure you feel your best when your LASIK procedure is scheduled.

4.    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water makes up 98% of the human eye. You can make your LASIK procedure more successful by keeping your eyes well-hydrated before LASIK.

Health experts recommend that women drink 2.7 liters, or 11.5 cups, of water daily, while men should consume 3.7 liters or 15.5 cups. Having water readily available in a water bottle you like can help you meet these water intake goals.

If you feel thirsty, your body is telling you to drink more water. Drinking enough water can do many great things, including helping your eyes feel better.

5.    Treat Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are not only uncomfortable but can also complicate LASIK. If you have chronic dry eyes, it is important to treat them diligently before the procedure.

Dry eyes occur due to poor tear production or low-quality tears. You may notice your eyes feel dry if you spend too long looking at screens or due to dry indoor air.

You can mitigate these common causes by taking frequent breaks while working a computer or looking at a phone and running a humidifier in the drier areas of your home. Doing these things can help your eyes feel less dry and, more importantly, prepare you for a procedure like LASIK.

6.     Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are very dehydrating beverages. Because you should be fully hydrated pre-LASIK, it’s best to temporarily avoid them.

Giving up caffeine can be extremely challenging, even for just a few days. Reminding yourself that you are giving up that latte today for a lifetime of clear vision can motivate you!

7.    Put Away Your Contact Lenses and Take Out Your Glasses

You should expect to be asked to refrain from wearing your contact lenses for several weeks before your procedure. Instead, you should expect to wear your glasses.

Contact lenses can subtly change the shape of your cornea before having LASIK. These minute distortions can alter the precise corneal mapping your LASIK surgeon prepares before LASIK. It’s a small price to pay, knowing you’ll no longer need to rely on these visual aids after LASIK!

8.    Know What to Expect on the Day of Your Procedure

You should ask your LASIK surgeon exactly what will happen on the day of your LASIK procedure. Knowing all the steps of LASIK in advance can help ease any anxiety about undergoing the vision correction procedure.

Most LASIK patients find that the actual procedure takes much less time than anticipated. On average, it takes less than 10 minutes per eye.

9.    Preplan for the Day of Your Procedure and Your Recovery

You can prepare for LASIK by anticipating and planning for your needs on the day of your procedure. This may include arranging time off work and a ride to and from your procedure.

Your LASIK surgeon will recommend that you take it easy for the rest of the day after the procedure. The good news is that you don’t have to look forward to a lengthy recovery period.

Most LASIK patients report being ready to resume their normal activities as soon as the day after the procedure. Your LASIK surgeon will tell you about any limitations to activities and when you can return to your usual routine.

10. Prepare to Enjoy Your New and Improved Vision

The most exciting step to take before LASIK is to prepare yourself for a lifetime of clear vision without the need for contact lenses or glasses! It’s your reward for all the time and effort you spent preparing for LASIK.

While correcting your vision with LASIK might require some preparation, you’ll find it’s worth the effort. When you are fully prepared for LASIK, you can worry less and enjoy the life-changing results more!

Are you ready to improve your vision with LASIK? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Memorial Eye Institute in Harrisburg and Camp Hill, PA, now! Isn’t it time to live life with better vision?